arch471: How to sell a chair

The objective of this independent study is to understand the processes that follow the initial design phase when the intent of the designer is to generate income from a specific design. This study will provide an understanding of what it takes to  manufacture, market, and sell a design by answering the following questions:

-Is the design salable?

-How is the manufacturing process developed and managed?

-Where will the materials be sourced?

-Are the materials and practices conducive to large-scale and/or small-scale production?

-Who/what is the market; a larger company, or the end consumer?

-What type of advertising is needed?

-How is a price established?

These questions are not all-encompassing, and their answers will, hopefully, generate more questions. It is assumed that the answers to these questions will be multifaceted and require an in-depth exploration to arrive at a novice-level understanding of the complexities involved in the design/sell process.

The deliverables will be a written, and/or diagrammed explanation of these processes, and will focus specifically on the evolution of a chair from design to showroom floor. They will document the steps necessary to successfully manufacture, market, and present the design to a potential buyer. They will also identify problematic pitfalls that could stall or derail the project.

Based on his experience designing and selling custom, high-end furniture, I have selected xxxx xxxxxxx as my mentor for this project. I feel that his experience and wisdom will be a solid resource, and his passion for thoughtful design will compliment what I intend to accomplish.


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