this is the first time i have attempted any type of blogging.  truth be told, i’m completely unfamiliar with it and its application.  with that being said, i am jumping into the unknown in an effort to learn as i proceed. this will be an experiment.  it will be an experiment that will allow me to present my work and, hopefully, receive suggestions, guidance, and constructive criticism from those who have travelled a familiar path, and shared a similar dream.

the fundamental premise of this blog is entirely self-serving:  i will be using it as a tool to better understand the processes surrounding the marketing and selling of design. specifically, furniture design.

over the past five years, i have accumulated a seemingly insurmountable mountain of student debt.  in addition to this debt, i have generated what i consider to be, a handful of potentially sellable furniture designs.  it is my hope to create a situation in which my passion (design) can begin to conquer my nemesis (student loans).  i believe this site will help me realize that goal by organizing kernels of wisdom supplied by those who choose to offer it.  in addition, if this sharing-of-knowledge format will help me, chances are it will help others too, and i strongly support the advancement of collective intelligence.


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